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Melbourne is one of Victoria’s premier sources of private and commercial landscaping supplies. Whether you are in the need of unique garden landscaping designs for your new home, a large construction project, or looking to improve the existing look of your sporting pitch, we can work with you with our wide range of artificial grass Melbourne locals love and landscape design solutions. You’ll soon see why we are number one for landscaping services Melbourne wide!

A landscape Company works with each and every one of our clients to offer a personalised and complete landscape design construction service to suit both your commercial and/or residential construction needs.

The Landscape Company, brings to you well over a decade of industry knowledge. They have worked alongside industry leaders, supervising construction on many award winning designs throughout eastern and inner Melbourne suburbs. You will feel at ease as your designs are being brought to life by The Landscape Company.

The Landscaper Company benefits not only from the “hands on” experience of its founding director but also an equally qualified team of professional trades people who hold a passion for this industry, further ensuring your designs reach perfection.

The mission is to ensure all our clients’ designs reach their full potential, allow their garden, outdoor living space, deck, pool or whatever their design may entail, to be enjoyed, admired and lived in for many years to come.

re you looking for a great Landscaping Melbourne company to come and transform your outdoor living areas? Getting the best Landscape Designers Melbourne have to offer has now just become a whole lot easier. This website is dedicated to making all of your Landscaper work in Melbourne a breeze. Whether you you are looking for landscaping contractors or landscaping supplies this is the perfect site for you. Getting the perfect landscaping company used to be like finding a needle in a haystack – thanks to the Internet all that has changed. And thanks to ‘Landscaping Melbourne’ things have got even easier.

Bringing Your Garden to Life with Landscape Design

In the past if you were looking for a unique water feature, redesign of your backyard or maybe some artificial grass to help with the drought it was a hard task to find a Landscape Designer in Melbourne to do the job. Of course word of mouth is a great way to find tradesmen but if you didn’t have any landscaping recommendations you only main option was the Yellow pages. The problem with the that is that you don’t get to see their work before you hire them. Thanks to the web you can now easily look at lots of different companies work and choose the one that suits your needs the best. There are loads of Landscape Design Melbourne companies that have websites – just head over to our Landscaping Melbourne Directory Page to see for yourself.

Do you have a landscape Melbourne job or Landscape Gardeners Melbourne that you would like to recommend. Send us in all your reviews and comments and together we can help this site grow.

Finding the Landscape Designers in Melbourne

Everyone wants something different when it comes to redesigning your outdoor areas not to mention the different regions landscaping Vic companies operate in. Everyone also has a different budget. The best thing to do is to head over to or Landscaping Melbourne Listings and find the perfect company for your needs.

The Specialists in Landscaping.

Your property is more than just a plot of land. It is an expression of yourself, an extension of who you are and an investment in the making.

Our company is a full service landscape and lawn care maintenance corporation. We are female owned and family operated. Our professional landscaping team has over 20 years of experience in Brevard, Seminole and Orange counties. When you hire a landscaper, you should expect them to be fully licensed and insured and work with the utmost integrity to provide you with the best quality landscape and detail oriented customer services. This is our mission and what we live by.

Why settle for less when you can have impeccable quality and professionalism coupled with affordable and reasonable prices? Compromise is not the answer. Aspects in Green is. Let us be your full service company and leave the greenery to us!

We are specialists in all forms of landscaping for both domestic and commercial. Our friendly and qualified team can perform the following projects.

We can complete:

  • Timber decking.
  • Natural/Synthetic Turf.
  • Water feature design and construction.
  • Planting and irrigation systems.
  • Path and driveway paving.
  • Excavation which includes post hole digging and trenches.
  • Site clearing, cleaning and levelling.
  • Garden makeovers.
  • No job is too small or too big.

Need Artificial Grass?

Artifical Grass & Synthetic Grass Melbourne

Neatgrass™ Domestic Grass and Lawns for backyards and Landscaping

Neatgrass™ is the most advanced true to life appearance artificial grass on the market; The next generation of domestic and landscape grass. With the worlds finest materials and backings Neatgrass™ will leave the neighbourhood guessing. Utilising two, three and four tone fibres to create a more natural appearance you wont believe it’s synthetic. With several products in the Neatgrass™ range, Sportgrass is sure to have the right grass to suit your lifestyle and budget.

  Neatgrass™ 40 TT DOM

The perfect domestic landscape grass designed for home use in front and back yards. A 40mm pile height provides a thick and luxurious lawn all year round. Neatgrass, provides a great area to play with the kids.

  Neatgrass™ 40 TT TEXTURED

A revelation in the neatgrass range the textured product is something new and exciting. A perfect mix of 40mm monofilament yarns and a textured yarn gives this product a fantastic look and feel.

The textured yarn created the root zone and a natural appearance. It requires minimal infill and is a product that provides a beautiful green lush lawn all year around. Prefect for the kids, entertaining or just sitting in the garden. Never start the lawn mover again.

  Neatgrass™ 40 TT KDK

A domestic lawn designed to take less infill material while still providing a beautifully green and lush lawn all year round. The special ‘root zone’ provides the support that traditional grasses get from the infill product, allowing either a sand only infill or a lot less total infill material. Neatgrass, provides a great area to play with the kids.

  Neatgrass™ 40 TT DELUXE

The deluxe is exactly that, the premium neatgrass product, the most life like and synthetic grass on the market anywhere in the world. A combination of the highest quality monofilament yarns and a nylon thatch creates a beefy, heavy product with an amazing soft feel under foot.

A thick luxurious product yet with a fine 40mm blade mixed a with nylon thatch, creates the most life like synthetic grass available. The nylon thatch also provides terrific support therefore requiring minimal infill. If you want the best then you can’t go past the deluxe.

  Neatgrass™ 40 TT COM

Designed to be thick, luxurious and extra tuff to deal with the requirements of high traffic areas. Heavy use back yards, trampolines, backyard football and cricket are the perfect uses for this heavy duty grass. A 40mm pile height provides a thick and luxurious lawn all year round.

  Neatgrass™ 50 TT COM

The Flagship of the Neatgrass range, designed to be thick, luxurious and extra tuff to deal with the requirements of more commercial applications such as school play areas, corporate gardens and high use areas. A 10mm longer pile provides a great area for heavy use and allows a lot more rubber infill for a soft fall and softer feel under foot.

The #1 Synthetic Grass Melbourne Experts Can Deliver the Right Solution

MC Landscaping is a leading supplier and installer of fake grass. Melbourne’s ever-changing weather requires many home owners and commercial sporting premises clients to think outside the box to ensure their grass stays in pristine condition year round. What better way to assure a permanent, quality look than by installing artificial grass. Melbourne’s MC Landscaping services clients of all sizes. From cricket pitches to sporting fields, no landscaping project is too large for us. For the best artificial grass & fake grass Melbourne wide, contact MC Landscaping.

Garden Landscaping Design & Installation Services

For our non-commercial clients, we can offer our landscape design services and implementation for a large range of projects; from pergolas to pool surrounds, MC Landscaping has the landscaping experience, technology and design ideas to turn a simple yard into a peaceful, low maintenance recreational area for your family.

Avail of our superior landscaping service

First of all, we will look at your specific project and offer our expert advice to help you design your dream outdoor space. We respond to all queries within 24 hours, and our staff are happy to answer your questions. The more details you can provide us with, the better we can match the perfect Melbourne landscaping solutions for you. MC Landscaping services are renowned for its “we care for you” attitude. We pride ourselves on landscape design in Melbourne and giving each of our garden landscaping clients the very best quality product and services to help them realise their landscaping dreams.

Our main landscaping services Melbourne are:

We cater to all forms of installations, such as:

  • Landscape Design Melbourne-wide
  • Fake Grass Solutions for Melbourne Homes
  • Artificial Grass throughout Melbourne
  • Synthetic Grass for Melbourne commercial and sporting needs
  • Pool surrounds
  • Tennis courts
  • Cricket pitches
  • Hockey fields
  • Sporting field constructions
  • Golf course installations
  • School playing areas
  • Kindergartens
  • Replacement lawns
  • Domestic usage

When shopping for fake grass, Melbourne clients come to MC Landscaping, a leader in landscaping services that has a firm focus on synthetic turf and grass. Our range of synthetic grass is second to none, and our service is friendly and professional. Our landscapers are highly trained and experienced and we ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work and happy with our service. Based in Melbourne, MC Landscaping is the landscaping service for you.

Artificial Grass – The landscaping solution guaranteed to last!

Melbourne is known for its ever-changing weather in one single day. You could wake up to brilliant sunshine, eat your lunch in thick fog, and go to bed with sub-zero temperatures. Our savvy landscaping clients understand that it becomes impossible to care for a lawn, or sporting field without needing to spend a lot of time, and money on things that lie outside our control. Keeping a lawn in pristine condition with fake (artificial) grass requires no further output of funds, or energy on your behalf once it is installed.

Our synthetic grass product is backed by a 10 year UV protection guarantee with 5 to 7 years on the manufacturing (depending on the product type) and 12 months on the installation.

We look forward to meeting your synthetic grass and garden landscape design and installation needs!


In this relatively short time, we have noted a remarkably visible difference in the quality of service and support given both our personal property located at 8 Belford Way in Melbourne and the professional properties located at 1370 Bedford Drive, Melbourne, Vic

At home the neighbors have made multiple positive comments on the appearance of the yard and at the office, patients have actually noticed the difference, commenting that the hedges appear manicured and the grounds always appear so well kept.

At both locations, we also appreciate the scheduling of services, which do not interfere with personal activities or with patient care.

I can’t overemphasize how pleased we are with the change we have made in contracting with Aspects in Green and we look forward to enjoying your same excellence in yard care and service. Thank you for a job well done!

Dear my amazing landcape gardeners

I love my new landscaping that Jesse put in !!! what a great improvment over my last landscrapers job. Jesse has a great eye for design and color. My neighbors have noticed the change also,and have lots of compliments. Thank you for helping me.

– Sally Fairchild

Dear team

I have known Jesse Wallace in a variety of capacities for several years. Most recently he has been the supervisor of our lawn service company at Sandy Pines Preserves, Phase III & IV.

Jesse is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport when dealing with the residents in our community. His communication skills are excellent. We have some very high maintenance residents in our community who can often times be very critical and difficult to deal with. He always handles the difficulties with ease and confidence, ending with positive results.

– Lori Hohn

Dear Team

We have known Jesse Wallace for the past several years. Up until July of this year he was the supervisor of the lawn care service company at Sandy Pines Preserves, Phase III & IV. In July he and his wife decided to start their own Lawn Maintenance Service Company and we were sorry to see him leave.

Jesse is extremely competent, and is an excellent people person especially when dealing with the residents of our small community. He managed a crew of 4 to 5 workers based on our weekly needs and handled our subdivision of 138 homes with care and precision.

He has excellent communication skills and made sure that all residents were satisfied with the service they received. As with most communities, we do have some high maintenance residents in our community who can often times be very difficult and demanding homeowners and he handled their issues with professionalism and almost always met their requests.

– Board Member