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The Farm Tree & Landcare Association (FTLA) is an independent incorporated association governed by its members. The FTLA has evolved to cater for groups and individuals involved in Landcare and similar land management and conservation activities. The FTLA exists to serve the Member Groups and supports Member Groups where issues arise that are common across the membership, most notably the FTLA insurance package. Established in 1986 at the start of Landcare the FTLA currently has over 600 Member Groups and 17,000 households, including Landcare, Farm Tree, Climate Action and Friends Of groups etc. The FTLA is not involved in the day to day running of Member Groups. The FTLA Rules allow Groups to create their own bylaws for the administration of the Member Group’s affairs and activities.

FTLA Member Benefits

  • Incorporation
  • Insurance Package
  • Victorian Landcare Magazine
  • Advocacy
  • Information and advice: Training programs, Governance Resource Kit, TAX FAQs sheets, etc.



The FTLA acts as an umbrella body under which Member Groups obtain the benefits of incorporation. Membership under the FTLA umbrella satisfies the need to be incorporated so as to be eligible to open bank accounts, register vehicles and trailers and receive funding.

Incorporation is a means of providing a group of people (an association) with a legal identity.

Incorporation provides protection for members against the possibility of being personally responsible for the organisations debts and liabilities. Although this protection is not absolute, it does offer protection where an incorporated association’s members carry out their duties and activities in good faith and with care and diligence (“Duty of Care”).

Member Groups must act as members of the FTLA in order to be protected by the FTLA incorporation.

The FTLA Rules are specifically designed to allow Member Groups as much independence as possible – given the great range of member groups and the principle of local action inherent in Landcare that a one-size fits all approach was inappropriate. That said, the FTLA rules do cover the relationship of a member group to the FTLA and whatever bylaws the group adopts will need to allow the group to fulfil its obligation to the FTLA. In the unlikely event that the FTLA rules and the group’s bylaws conflict the FTLA Rules will take precedence.

(Note: Member Groups that retain their own separate incorporation will still be required to meet their statutory obligations with respect to that incorporation).



Incorporation, however, will not protect a Member Group or its members from the consequences of their own negligence. Insurance provides a safety net against liabilities arising from negligence including the means to defend a claim.

The insurance package sourced for FTLA Member Groups is comprised of three components:

1. Public and Products Liability Insurance
Covers personal injury or property damage arising from the negligent actions of a Member Group or its members

2. Personal Accident Insurance
Provides for payments where a volunteer, a worker or a member is injured while engaged in activities for a Member Group.

3. Associations Liability Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Association Reimbursement
  • Entity Insurance

Provides protection for office bearers and employees in the course of carrying out their duties on behalf of their organisation.



All members of FTLA Member Groups receive the Victorian Landcare magazine. The magazine is the premier Landcare publication circulated in Victoria



As members of the FTLA, groups have a collective voice in debates on Landcare issues. The FTLA has good relationships with government and the farming organisations, enabling the FTLA to be a strong advocate for its member groups. The FTLA represents its members in a number of forums at both a state and national level.




The annual subscription of the FTLA, which runs from 1st July to 30th June, is made up of three components. Two of the components are fixed for all Member Groups and the third is variable depending on the number of members comprising a Member Group. All fees are GST inclusive.

Fee structure for 2016/17

1.Insurance Fee $167

2.Group Membership Fee $87

3.Administration fee $3.75 x No. of Members

Note: Fees above are based on groups with an annual turnover of less than $100,000. Please contact us for a quote if you are over this limit.

Contact: Executive Officer (send a message)
Phone: 03 9207 5527
Fax: 03 9207 5500
Postal Address: Farrer House
Street Address: 24-28 Collins Street
Town: Melbourne

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