Golf Course land maintenance, take care of the worlds Golf Courses.

We love to take care of lush green grass of the worlds golf courses.

Here is a list of amazing golf courses:

No grass and green
In the Coober Pedy, a southern town of Australia, there is a genuine “Saudi court,” or more accurate if called”mineral pitches”.Throughout the whole course, no plants or even a little green signs can be seen.In fact, basically the course is a huge sandy barrier, but oil have been mixed in the sand dry desert winds have long undermined the shape of the fairways and bunkers. Except hit their  Driver an additional task is that they will take a unreal straw mattress came from one hole to another hole for kick off.Opal mining is the primary industry here, most residents live in tunnels and caves avoid burning temperature on the surface.Therefore, courage and heat resistance will be needed if you play golf at Coober Pedy Opal Fields

The largest drop
Use of helicopters to play Iron set? Kidding! When the gap between tee and green is 430 meters, you will understand it is essential.The world’s largest 3-hole drop is in the Legends of Golf in South Africa Hunting Legends Golf and Safari Resort, known as the “ultimate 19th hole.” You must stand firmly when you kick off  because close to the edge of the Peak. Allegedly, the ball flight in the air close to 30 seconds. This hole probably is the most profitable, because one time you need to pay 1060 U.S. dollars for helicopters, commemorative hat and gloves and DVD, at the same time you can get the astronomical bonuses. Who will be lucky enough?

The longest course
1365 km long, acrosses Australia’s two states and two time zones, is it a city we discussed here?No, we are talking about a golf course.Nullarbor Links is the world’s longest one, the average distance between each hole is 66 kilometers, the farthest two holes apart near 200 km. Here you not only need a good kick-off by using your electric golf push cart, also need a good driver, lead you in a number of inter-town shuttle. Take a good rest at night in the hotel then the next day continue the next hole.Although the court has not yet opened, but the official website provide a reference for playing time is 4 days.

steam vapor course
There is golf course where it is barren because of dry climate,but across the Tasman Sea, when came to New Zealand, there are courses wreaths of steam vapor. Rotorua is New Zealand’s hot spring town,located in the the famous volcano geothermal center of southern hemisphere, Rotorua Golf Club is the world’s only golf course in the geothermal activity center. Braved the bubble lakes, mud pools and steam vents are significant, let the ball is easy to get lost, you have to be vigilant. Remember,here accuracy is more important than length.

World’s highest golf course
About the there are different opinions, but Bolivia’s La Paz Golf Club should be the strongest candidate, because it is open to all, rather than only for secret adventure. Many time of the year when the clouds seem to float around the fairway, and green will be covered with snow and ice and lack of oxygen because it is with altitude, of 10,800 feet. La Paz Club is also the best 18-hole golf course and offers free hire of MGI Golf Carts of Bolivia that attracted the local elite, and any brave not afraid of nose bleeding.

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